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Preparing for New Hotel in the Heart of Flagstaff

Across from Wheeler Park in the heart of historic downtown Flagstaff, a team with heavy earth-moving equipment made short work this spring of demolishing three non-historic buildings. By mid-April, a huge gap in the urban landscape had developed, consisting of multiple parcels, including a half block north and a quarter of a block south of […]

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Welcoming Spirited Downtown Libations

A vital town is like a living organism – shedding old skins and growing new ones. Case in point: the closing of old drinking establishments and restaurants and the birth of innovative taverns for both wine and beer downtown. The popularity of Flagstaff as a destination for visitors and as a happy hometown for residents […]

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A Shift Coming to Downtown Flagstaff

  After their wedding in September 2015, Dara and Joe Rodgers wanted to kick off their marriage with a slight change in direction – a kind of shift. When it opens its doors in April, that change will have manifested in Shift, their new restaurant in the historic Babbitt Building downtown. “We really wanted to […]

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Working Cats

Girlie, a fluffy calico cat, has a great new home, complete with a stunning view of the San Francisco Peaks. Her bed is comfy, too, and is located by the desk in the office of Lynne Nemeth, executive director of The Arboretum at Flagstaff. Along with her relative, Cleo, they are on 24-hour rodent patrol […]

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Hogan Eco-Retreat Introducing Travelers to Navajoland

Dotted by both juniper and pinyon pines, the landscape is flat, but also consists of pastoral lands that give way to vast sandstone canyons with unobstructed views of Lake Powell, the Echo Peaks and the Vermilion Cliffs. Located on the last mesa before the descent into the town of Page, 12 miles away, this is […]

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Dad Camp

Daddy Boot Camp Training Men to be Fathers

Change your newborn’s diaper. Check! Assemble the colorful hanging crib toy. Check! Lean close over your baby’s face, make eye contact and smile. Check! Repeat back the first sounds they make, “Pa-pa, Ma-ma, Ba-ba.” Check!      Hold, bounce and cuddle your baby. Check! Okay, so you are a new dad, just learning the ropes. It is […]

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