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Long-Term Care: Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Most people learn about long-term care when they or their loved ones are touched by it firsthand. At that point, they have limited options on what they can do to pay for this tremendous expense. So while no one savors talking to their financial advisor about long-term care, you should. Failing to address it in […]

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The Survival of Teepees

For many of us, the ideas of business and competition go together like Lumberjack and Louie, Navajo and taco, tequila and sunrise – part of the natural order of things. The idea got its biggest boost in the modern world after Charles Darwin connected the idea of competition to theories of evolution and natural selection. […]

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  Flagstaff Business News caught up with a unique Northern Arizona business owner: Bret Sarnquist of Big Ring Bakery.  He is a gluten-free baker, who uses high quality ingredients in his baked goods.  While Sarnquist has a large and loyal customer base in communities throughout the region, he recognizes he might have more business success […]

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Why Did the Cannibal Move to Flagstaff?

FBN’s Business Book Review: Andy Kessler’s new book, Eat People and Other Unapologetic Rules for Game-Changing Entrepreneurs reads like Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead – lite. Early in the book, we find him lunching with Republican activist George Gilder (identified in his Wikipedia entry as a “techno-utopia intellectual”). Gilder dispenses this advice: the more you waste, […]

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County Residents Want Higher Education Opportunities

Higher education was the topic of a survey of northern Coconino County communities by Coconino Community College, and  the Arizona Hospitality Resource and Research Center at Northern Arizona University. The survey was conducted as part of the college’s three-year Strategic Plan, to gather information about the college’s image and community expectations for the college.  A […]

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A Sustainable and Native Livelihood

When the idea of using xeriscape landscaping in yards became popular, most people resigned themselves that to save water, they had to settle for what Nigel Sparks calls a “gravelscape” – nothing fancy or colorful, just efficient. “I think that is what people came to see and that was not the intention when xeriscaping started,” […]

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Getting Results

When we workout, we do it for a reason. There is always a purpose in mind, whether it’s fitting into a smaller clothing size, losing weight, adding inches to our biceps, or just increasing overall health and wellness. I’m willing to bet that for most of us, results are the only reason we work out; […]

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