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BauerFinancial Gives Local Bank Superior 5-Star Rating

Mission Bank is proud to be recognized as a superior 5-Star rated bank by BauerFinancial, a national bank rating and research firm. BauerFinancial’s rating system is based upon an analysis of current financial data as supplied by federal banking regulators, with the 5-Star rating indicating Mission Bank’s solid capital position, profitability, sound asset quality, and balance sheet […]

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Walnut Canyon National Monument Celebrating 100 Years

For ages, Walnut Canyon has served as a time capsule into the past, revealing the life story of inhabitants ranging from prehistoric marine creatures to more modern cliff-dwelling humans. In 2015, today’s stewards of the site celebrate this geological, archaeological and historic heritage with a number of activities. These are highlighted by two different centennial […]

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Flagstaff-Based Giftcard Zen Expanding with Phoenix Office

Just three years ago, entrepreneur Aaron Dragushan launched his newest business, Giftcard Zen – a website to buy and sell gift cards at a discounted rate – in the office of his Flagstaff home. Last March, Dragushan announced that his company was quickly growing and looking to nearly double in size. Now, Giftcard Zen is […]

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Tevis Reich

A Judgment is Worth More Than You Think

Do you have a judgment that you have never collected on? If so, it is worth more today than when you obtained it. All judgments accrue interest as a matter of law. Some judgments accrue interest based on a contractually stated rate, if they resulted from a written agreement. If the matter did not arise […]

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Market of Dreams Awakening to Promising Reality

Some dreams make no sense. Under dark of night and beneath closed eyes, apparently random events cascade in unintelligible, albeit entertaining, succession. On the other hand, there are wide-eyed dreams that, while brazenly imaginative, are coolly calculated and strategically executed – those of Martin Luther King, Jr., for example. That sort of dream benefits from […]

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Options for Energy-Saving Upgrades in Your Home

When we think of why homes are cold and inefficient, often, the first thing that comes to mind is drafty windows. Poor windows! They are always getting the blame for cold houses. While windows can be a source of cold drafts and heat loss, they are rarely the most cost-effective energy upgrade a homeowner can […]

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Making Trax at Fourth

Residents and visitors in Flagstaff may not be able to help but notice the earth-moving equipment and chain-link fence adorned with big signs at the intersection of Route 66 and Fourth Street. Under the shadow of the Fourth Street bridge, The Trax is a high-profile project owned by Evergreen Development. It is expected to bring […]

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The Entrepreneur Rollercoaster: Defining Your Ticket to Ride

Researchers at the University of British Columbia have found that dislike of roller coaster rides just may be genetic. Their study, which asked whether attitudes are learned or in-born revealed that dispositions about roller coasters (love them? or hate them?) were one of five attitudes showing the strongest genetic connection (the others were reading books, […]

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